Smart Production
Smart Production
Smart Production
Smart Production
Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)

  • Accurate, real-time production scheduling, based on parameters
  • Just-in-time production
  • Well-informed decision-making, with full understanding of the impact
  • Resource- and time prediction
  • Smooth and flexible production adjustment

Batch bottleneck analysis tool

  • Report standard capacity for each line/unit (taking into account product family)
  • Generate alarms when detecting something unusual on time, capacity or product
  • List most frequent dosing alarms: on a product, a weigher or a silo

Mobile applications (KPI)

  • Visualization (WinCC/WebUX)
  • Reporting & KPI’s on smartphone or tablet
  • Benchmarking



Central MES

  • Single connection to ERP
  • Global stock on MES
  • Plant benchmarking within the organization
  • Flexible logistics on global plant level, with complete tracking & tracing
  • Smooth production switch between plants

Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM)

  • Decision-support for trade, execution & cost control of raw materials
  • Real-time accurate position management
  • Hedging & risk management of soft commodities
  • Supply planning: optimize stock & production capacity
  • Sales margin analysis & trade performance

Linear programming

  • Determine most optimal & efficient flow
  • Recipe-optimization taking into account:
    • Raw material price
    • Raw material quality
    • Quality requirements finished product
  • Multi-blend, multi-site, multi-period



Last-minute (re)formulation

Taking recipe optimization to a higher level:

  • Adjustment to real-time data
  • Advanced accuracy
  • Maximizing cost reduction